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Community based beta testing

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How it works

Test games

Report bugs and win rewards!

And the best part, you can play games that have not been released yet.

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Improve your games

Let the Betar community help you find the bugs and make your games ‘Betar’.

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What do you need to test games

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Apply to be the tester of the game you want. Check the games available to test.


Time to have fun! Enjoy the game before it is released.

report bugs

Found a bug while playing the game? Report it and you'll be improving it.

win prizes

Yes it's true! Your name in the game credits, money, merchandise and other cool rewards.

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What do you need to upload your game

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Publish your game onto the platform.

choose testers

Add rewards to attract the best testers or invite the ones you know.

wait while magic happens

Let your testers enjoy the game while finding bugs for you.


Now it's your turn, improve the game using the feedback given.

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pricing: free

It will always be free to publish and play games

Some power features will be paid when we get to version 1.0

Pricing information will be made available shortly

Interested ?

We are currently in a public beta

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